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There are many coffee shops, cafes & other coffee spots but often they are difficult to find unless you happen to be passing by. We have listed the best coffee shops and cafes in Toowoomba here all in the one spot!

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Browse the coffee spots in Toowoomba.

Common Types of Coffee Spots

There is a range of different places that sell coffee, these include: coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, convenience stores, service stations and many other places.

Coffee shops are the most common places that people think of to buy coffee, heck, its even in the name. Coffee shops usually specialise in selling good coffee (and some have great coffee). In addition, coffee shops typically have other food and drinks. Coffee shops, however, are usually open early in the morning and are not usually open in the evening and don’t usually have a full kitchen. 

The focus of restaurants is more on the food but some restaurants also can have good or even great coffee. Because they are open later, in the evening and at night they may be a good place to buy coffee during those times when coffee shops & cafes are closed.

Not typically known for good or great coffee, convenience stores can surprise you. You may be able to find a great little convenience store that sells good or great coffee. The good part of convenience stores is that they can be nearby and you can pick up some other necessities when you are there.

Cafe’s are very similar to coffee shops but usually have a more significant focus on other food and drink. Cafe’s may have a moderate kitchen or integrated bakery aspect. Still not a full kitchen and are usually not open in the evenings for dinner.

Bars typically focus on alcoholic beverages but may have a selection of other food and drink of which one maybe coffee. Some bars may serve good or even great coffee. Because of the late night opening hours bars maybe a good place to get coffee late at night.

Service stations, are often a great way to buy coffee when you are on the road traveling somewhere. When you stop to refuel you can grab a cup of coffee. Some only have the automated coffee machines whilst other can hand make you a cup.

Types of coffee

There are a multitude of different types of coffee and how it is served. Most coffee spots only serve the common types. 

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Frequently Asked Questions?

There are no fees or charges for connecting with coffee sellers through the Coffee Spot platform. Listing in Coffee Spot is currently free for a basic listings.

If your favorite coffee place is not listed here you can encourage the coffee place to add it themselves. Adding a basic listings are free. 

Yes, please leave a review of coffee stops where you have tried their coffee. Only honest reviews please. This helps others find where the good and great coffee is found!

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Toowoomba is a city in the Darling Downs region of southern Queensland Australia. It’s known for Cobb & Co Museum with its horse-drawn carriages. The Royal Bull’s Head Inn is an 1800s homestead with colonial-era displays. To the northeast Ravensbourne National Park is home to towering red cedars and rainforest. Nearby Crows Nest National Park features a eucalypt forest granite boulders and Crows Nest Falls.

Toowoomba Australia.

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